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The Mordheimer's Information Centre is one of the largest fan-based websites, dedicated to provide the best content for our beloved miniature game, Mordheim. Since its introduction in the pages of the White Dwarf 223 (August 1998), the game has risen in popularity around the world. Published by Games Workshop, now under the tender care of their Specialist Games division, Mordheim it provides a wonderful introduction to miniature war gaming and it encourage players to create vivid stories and campaigns. Unfortunately, many of the fan sites have fallen to oblivion mainly due to lack of support by their original authors. It has been our goal to preserve this wealth of knowledge and help our fellow gamers. For further info, please visit the introduction section.

Yes... you have found the mother load! We have re-published much of the Mordheim information that is scattered on the Web, plus post new content. Information in Official, Unofficial and Experimental warbands as well as tactics, aids, articles, scenarios and much more... all in one site for your convenience!

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If you find anything that you know is based in your work, we will bend over backwards to post all authoring information. Further more, if you wish to contribute any original material, please email us a copy! Check out our News section to see the site's additions... and remember, we make updates almost daily and send a mass update announcement biweekly!

eBay Scam Alert!

Certain unscrupulous individuals are attempting to sell "updated" Mordheim Manuals on eBay. They claim to have the latest updated copies of all the books... later on they detail that they are actually selling a link where this information can be found. The description is a blatant copy/paste from... you guessed it! The Specialist Games website! I have compiled a nice screenshot of this sale, you can see it here!

Do NOT buy anything from these people! Specialist Games have release most of the updated Mordheim books on PDF... for FREE on their website. Also, following the same spirit of camaraderie, we have reproduced (without permission) most of the material available, in what we consider a much friendly format. Like we have always maintained, this is a FAN site (completely unofficial) and we do not charge membership, or accept monetary donations, sponsorships nor compensations of any kind. We do all this, because we love the game!

I have reported this scam to Andy Hall, of Specialist Games, who assured me that Games Workshop's eBay Sentinel has been alerted. Hopefully the idiot would be apprehended... and castrated.

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Hope you enjoy our site, as much as your travels to Mordheim, the City of the Damned!
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