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  The Ultimate Mordheim
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Errata

This FAQ page tries to cover the possible questions and answers that Mordheim players might have. Some things might not be clearly written in the rulebook, there are some typos in the rulebook as well. Since its original author, Honza Skýpala, last updated his brilliant work in March 29, 2001, I have decided to revise his work with other FAQs I have found from several sources, including the Official Mordheim site at the Specialist Games.

Of course some people value the "official" answers, i.e. answers from Games Workshop. Some of answers here are not official and so are only recommended to use. These answers are not the brilliant thoughts of mine - in fact they are the most common answers for that question from E-groups Mordheim mail list.

Some questions and answers are copied from other material, like Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ and maybe some others. These are present here for completeness and I respect the fact that they were written by somebody else. I hope these people don't mind including them here. Answer is always completed with information of the source of answer. If somebody disagrees with including his answer and/or name on these pages, please write me and I will (unwillingly) remove it. This is updated FAQ is done in no attempt to take credit for the new compilation, but in an effort to make sure that there is an updated FAQ around. This of me as the keeper of the knowledge, never as his author. I may know what you are looking for, only because I read about it many times. Hopefully, Games Workshop will catch on and realize that this FAQ not only contains the information in theirs, but much more they are lacking and the next Mordheim revision would use this document as a basic canvas for their work.

The Mordheimer

Last updated: December 03, 2005.


  1. Characteristics
    1.1. Wounds

    1.2. Zero level Characteristics

  2. Movement
    2.1 Running
    2.2 Charge
    2.3 Intercepting Charge
    2.4 Hiding
    2.5 Terrain (including objects in terrain)
    2.6 Climbing
  3. Shooting
    3.1 At Who to Shoot
    3.2 Closet Target
    3.3 Hit Modifiers
  4. Hand-to-Hand Combat
    4.1 Who Strikes First
    4.2 Attacks
    4.3 Shooting Weapons and Hand To Hand Combat
    4.4 Critical Hits
    4.5 Injury Table
  5. Psychology
    5.1 Rout Test
    5.2 Frenzy
    5.3 Fear
  6. Weapons and Armor
    6.1 General questions
    6.2 Dagger
    6.3 Spears
    6.4 Pistols (all of them)
    6.5 Gromril and Ithilmar
    6.6 Armor
    6.7 Sling
  7. Miscellaneous Equipment
    7.1 Blessed Water
    7.2 Hunter Arrows
    7.3 Tome of Magic
    7.4 Toughened Leather
    7.5 Halfling Cookbook
    7.6 Lucky Charm
  8. Magic
    8.1 General questions
    8.2 Prayers of Sigmar
    8.3 Necromancy
    8.4 Lesser magic
    8.5 Chaos Rituals
  1. Warbands
    9.1 General Questions
    9.2 Weapons and Armor
    9.3 Mercenaries
    9.4 Possessed
    9.5 Witch hunters
    9.6 Sisters of Sigmar
    9.7 Undead
    9.8 Skaven
    9.9 Dwarfs
    9.10 Orcs
    9.11 Beastmen
    9.12 Elves
  2. Campaigns
    10.1 Post Battle Sequence
    10.2 Serious Injuries
    10.3 Warband Rating
  3. Experience
    11.1 General Questions
    11.2 Henchmen
    11.3 Characteristic Increase
    11.4 Skills
    11.5 New skills from Town Cryer
  4. Scenarios
    12.1 General scenario questions
  5. Income
  6. Hired Swords
    14.1 General Questions
    14.2 Ogre Bodyguard
    14.3 Dwarf Troll Slayer
    14.4 Freelancer
  7. Other Questions
    15.1 Roster sheets
    15.2 Tarot card
    15.3 Miniatures
    15.4 Mordheim font
  8. Official Annual 2002 Errata
  9. Official Empire in Flames Errata
  10. Official Warbands
    18.1 Mordheim Rules Review Committee's Comments:
    18.2 Official Warbands
    18.3 Official Hired Swords
    18.4 Official Dramatis Personae
  11. Official FAQ

1. Characteristics

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1.1 Wounds

Q: How do multiple wounds work? When a guy has a Wounds attribute of 2 or more how does it work? I understand that he can't get Knocked Down/Stunned/Out Of Action until his wounds are reduced to zero. But when (if ever) does he regain both wounds?
A: Model will regain all wounds automatically after the battle, he starts his new battle with his full wounds. During a battle if he has healing herbs, he may use them to regain wounds.

1.2 Zero level characteristics

Q: Being unlucky my leader suffered several Nervous injury – my leader should have Initiative of –1. Is this right? Or should his initiative be 1 because the effects are not cumulative.
A: Zero level characteristics are certainly possible - all animals have BS0, and the Characteristics chapter addresses WS0 (you will be hit automatically in Hand To Hand). Initiative 0 simply means you cannot succeed in an Initiative test and that even Zombies will strike before you in continuing Hand To Hand. I would say that characteristics cannot be reduced below Zero, myself. Following the WS & BS rules, I'd also say the following:

  • Move 0: can't move (duh)
  • Strength 0: cannot wound (but strength adds such as +1 for Halberds apply)
  • Toughness 0: Automatically wounded if hit
  • Wounds 0: Dead :)
  • Attacks 0: Cannot make Hand To Hand attacks
  • Leadership 1 or less, always fails Ld tests.

2. Movement

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2.1 Running

Q: Can a model run past an enemy model without engaging in Hand To Hand? (presuming of course that the enemy model was more than 8" away at the start of the turn). I would presume not for the same reasons as the intercept rule but unless I am blind the rule book does not specify and I was wondering how you played it.
A: No, it's quite legal to do so. But since the moving model has to start more than 8" away from all enemy models (even ones he can't see) chances are he will be setting himself up to be charged by the enemy. He can't run so close to the enemy that he would be in base to base, though, as that would be a charge. [Rinku, recommended]

2.2 Charge

Q: If you can see an enemy through the windows of a house, can you then charge him by: a) going through the windows? b) going around the house?
A: a) Yes, if window is big enough. (Rat Ogre won't fit through most!); b) If window is too small, yes. Remember you charge via MOST DIRECT ROUTE. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: Model A wants to charge model B. However, behind a wall (and out of line of site) is model C (who is in the same warband as B) who is within 2" of the Charge path. Because A cannot see C and C cannot see A, can A charge B?
A: Yes, see below.

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 26, 2nd column, replace the third paragraph

"A model may charge any model within its charge range, but it may not charge a model if there is another unengaged (i.e., not in hand-to-hand combat) enemy model within 2" of the charge route (see diagram). It will undoubtedly be intercepted if it tries to run past the enemy!"

With the following:

“If an unengaged (i.e., not in hand-to-hand combat) enemy model lies within 2” of the charge route, that model may choose to intercept the charger if he wishes. This ‘interception area’ is shown in the diagram above. Only one enemy model may attempt to intercept each charger. If the intercepting warrior would normally require a Fear test to engage the charger then he must pass one in order to be allowed to intercept. Failure means he will not move. If the intercepting warrior causes fear then move the models into contact and then take a Fear test for the original charger (assuming he would normally do so) as if he was the one being charged. Regardless of the results of this test it is still the original charger who counts as charging in the subsequent round of combat, not the intercepting warrior.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 26, 2nd column; Add the following to the end of the last paragraph on the page:

“A model that charges will ‘strike first’ in the first round of the ensuing combat.”

Q: Model cannot run climbing a wall. In other FAQ question Tuomas wrote, that "You can [charge after you climbed up a wall], as otherwise buildings would be too good positions." OK, if you climb up a wall as a part of your charge move, do you count the climbed distance as "double" (just like standard when charging) or "normal" (because you cannot run when climbing a wall)?
A: Play normal while going up the wall (1" climbing = 2" charging) then double when your up there. For instance, charging a model 3" away from ledge 2" high you would use 4" of charging climbing up the wall then 3" charging the model. The model could be 1" further...

2.3 Intercepting charge

Q: If a warrior declares a charge and an opposing model can intercept him, does the model that can intercept actually move or does the fact that my charge could be intercepted simply prevent me from charging?
A: In bare essence it means that you cannot charge THAT model (i.e. check before moving the charger whether he can charge or not). However, many players move the intercepting model and let the charge be targeted against that model. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: To give this question a definitive answer once and for all: If a model wants to charge and there is another model who can Intercept, does the charge still take place (only with the intercepting model) ? Or, does the Charge not happen because a model could intercept?
A: See above. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: Speaking of intercepting a Charge, can you intercept a Fear causing model without taking a Fear Test?
A: No, but the fear test is for being charged. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

2.4 Hiding

Q: If an enemy model moves so that he can see the hidden warrior, the model is no longer hidden and the counter is removed. How much must he see to end the other model hiding? In Necromunda he had to see whole model. In Mordheim rules it is not specified. Does he need to see all model, or is any part of the model (even finger) enough?
A: If the players don’t agree on a reasonable result, he must see whole model. [recommended]

2.5 Terrain (including objects in terrain)

Q: Given the dramatic, yet unfortunately static, poses of the models, what is the rule regarding moving through doors and windows? Can it be assumed:

  1. Any model may pass through any portal (door, window, hole, etc.)?
  2. The model must be able to reasonably fit through the portal?
  3. It's really up to those playing to agree on how that is to be handled.
A: C is the only sensible answer -I cannot foresee every single conversion done by players. B is a good guideline. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: In regards to ladders (and other small terrain, actually), is it within reason to assume that they can be Knocked Down or pulled up or even carried around by models?
A: Strictly speaking by rules no, but what a great article that would make! I have to scribble something... [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

2.6 Climbing

Q: Can you really climb up a wall and then charge someone? We made a house rule that said you can't, but is there something official?
A: You can, as otherwise buildings would be too good positions. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: Can a model climb up a wall and slip into a window or hole in the wall rather than continue onto the next floor/roof?
A: Yes. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]


3. Shooting

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3.1 At who to shoot

Q: During the shooting phase you have several models armed with missile weapons and all targeting the same enemy model. The first shot knocks the enemy model out of line of site to your other missile weapon-armed troops. Can you still fire on them with other models?
A: Yes, but you don't have to. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: Models with missile weapons that are up on a building or wall - can they trace a line of site to a model standing against the building or wall (assuming that the model with the missile weapon can lean over the edge and look down)?
A: Yes. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

3.2 Closet target

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 29, Closest Target; Add the following sentence as a new paragraph after the first:

“You may always choose to shoot at a Large Target if you can see it, whether it is in cover or not and even if it is not the closest target.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 30, 1st column; Insert the following new paragraph after the first paragraph and before the diagram:

“If a shot misses its target by 1, and that target claimed the -1 modifier for cover, then the shot strikes the cover instead. Normally this doesn’t matter, but in the case where a model is concealed behind another warrior, or when the cover is a powder keg, it might be extremely important!”

3.3 Hit Modifiers

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 31, Hit Modifiers; Change the definition of -1 Moving and shooting to:

“If your model has moved at all (other than standing up, or turning to face your target) during this turn.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 31, Hit Modifiers; Change the definition of +1 Large Target to:

“If either the target model has the Large Target special rule (such as an Ogre), or whose main ‘body’ is over 2” tall or wide (such as most buildings).”

4. Hand-to-Hand Combat

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4.1 Who Strikes First

Q: When a fighter with a two-handed weapon is fighting another fighter who is just raised from Knocked Down, who strikes last?
A: The fighter that stood up strikes last (page 33, under Knocked Down, says a warrior that just stood up strikes last irrespective of weapons).

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 34, Who Strikes First; Replace the paragraph with the following:

“Normally, models fight in order of descending Initiative with the highest striking first. If their Initiatives are equal, roll a dice to see who fights first. If a model stood up in the Recovery phase of that turn, then he will strike last irrespective of any other circumstances.

Sometimes a model will be allowed to ‘strike first’ for some reason. Most commonly this is because they charged in that turn, but some equipment, skills and spells produce the same effect. If only one model ‘strikes first’ then it does so and the remainder of the combatants strike in Initiative order as described above.

If there are several models who are each entitled to ‘strike first’, then they determine the order of combat between themselves by Initiative, as described above. Once all those that were eligible to ‘strike first’ have fought, any other combatants fight in Initiative order.”

4.2 Attacks

Q: My possessed is in Hand To Hand w/two opponents and has Knocked Down one of the opponents on there charge. So one is standing and the other is down. It is my turn now and I have 3 attacks (2 basic and one extra from a mutation). Can I attack the guy down or do I have to attack the one standing first? Can I split up my attacks?
A: You can split your attacks between standing enemies, but you cannot attack models that are knocked-down or Stunned models if you are still fighting standing enemies – see rulebook page 37. When all of your enemies in hand to hand combat are either Knocked Down or Stunned you can split your attacks between them. Additionally knocked-down models are able to crawl 2” away from the combat in his moving phase – see rulebook page 33 (note that still when such a model stands up he cannot charge that turn).

Q: If you have 1 foe Knocked Down, and 1 Stunned, can you divide attacks?
A: Assuming there are no other enemies in base to base contact, and you have 2 attacks, yes you can divide your attacks. But you must declare how your attacks are divided before you roll any dice.

4.3 Shooting weapons and Hand To Hand combat

Q: Is it permissible to holster the guns an fight with other weapons (say a sword and dagger) after the first round?
A: Yes. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

4.4 Critical hits

Q: When it says two wounds does that mean you roll twice on the injury table if your guy only has one wound?
A: Yes, if the guy has only one wound and none of both wounds is saved (if armor save is permitted by that critical hit), you roll twice on injury table and pick the highest result.

4.5 Injury table

Q: There are a number of items that say they add +1 to the injury chart roll. Am I correct that this refers to the roll in the back of the book after the battle to determine what happened to the warrior, .or is this for the roll to see if the warrior is taken Out Of Action, Knocked Down, or Stunned?
A: No, that's the SERIOUS injury chart. Would be really difficult to remember, as well. The second is correct. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

5. Psychology

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5.1 Rout test

Q: Do the models that fled count towards 25% for taking rout test?
A: Yes, for purposes of rout test count them as Out Of Action. [recommended]

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 38, Voluntary Rout; Replace the paragraph with:

“A player may choose to voluntarily Rout at the start of any of his own turns if he wishes, but only if he was already required to take a Rout test or if a quarter (25%) or more of his warband are Out Of Action.”

5.2 Frenzy

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 38; remove the reference to Terror tests. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

5.3 Fear

Q: At one point my vampire and three zombies (from 1 henchman group) all charged the Orc Boss. In that case should he: a) take 4 fear tests; b) take 1 fear test; c) take 1 test for the vampire and 1 test for the zombies.
A: He must test for each charge that is declared, although there is no need to keep testing once he fails one. A horde of shambling zombies is more terrifying than one on its own, I guess. [Rinku]

Q: OK. But does it mean that if the Orc fails some tests and passes others he fears some opponents and hits on a 6 whilst he hits the others normally?
A: No. The model has to roll 6's to hit anything in the first round of combat if he fails a fear test. A related question is whether the poor victim has to roll again and suffer the same effect if charged by another fear causing model on a later turn. I would say yes, but others may disagree. [Rinku]

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 39, Fear; In the paragraph labeled “a)”, replace the last sentence with:

“If it is failed, the model must roll 6s to score hits in that round of combat.”

5.4 Stupidity

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 39, Stupidity; Replace the third paragraph with:

“If the test is failed all is not well. Until the start of his next turn (when it takes a new Stupidity test) the model will not cast spells or fight in hand-to-hand combat (though his opponent will still have to roll to hit him as normal).”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 39, Stupidity; Add the following paragraph at the end of the Stupidity section:

“Regardless of whether the test is passed or failed, the result applies until the start of the model’s following turn (when it takes a new Stupidity test).”

6. Weapons and Armor

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6.1 General questions

Q: Can captured race specific weapons be used by models not of that race? If so, do they gain any of the special rules of said weapons?
A: Yes, but obviously you need a suitable skill to use the weapon. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

6.2 Dagger

Q: Does the 'free dagger' count as a close combat weapon against the "No more than 2 Close Combat Weapons" limit?
A: We play that it doesn't. Models are supposed to have the dagger no matter what. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

6.3 Spears

Q: What happens when a model with a spear charges another model with a spear?
A: The attacks go in Initiative order. Roll a d6 to see who goes first if both models have the same initiative. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: If a warrior armed with a spear and a sword (or any other one-handed weapon) gets charged by an enemy model, does the spear-wielder get both of his attacks to strike first or does he get an attack with the spear, the enemy strikes and then an attack with his sword?
A: First the spear attack, then the charger's attacks and then the sword attack. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Can a model armed with two spears 'strike first' twice (get 2 attacks) against a charging enemy?
A: Technically yes. I'd punch anyone who tried to pull that one, though. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 42, Spear; Replace the Strike First rule with:

“Strike first: A warrior with a spear strikes first in the first turn of a hand-to-hand combat.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 42, Spear; Add a new special rule between “Strike first” and “Cavalry bonus”:

Unwieldy: A warrior with a spear may only use a shield or a buckler in his other hand. He may not use a second weapon.”

6.4 Pistols (all of them)

Q: How is defined brace of pistols? Must I purchase brace or can I buy one, later buy second one and use them as brace?
A: You can buy one now and second one later and use them as brace. [recommended]

Q: Does the crossbow pistol count as a pistol in the case of the Pistolier skill?
A: Yes. All weapons with name pistol (Warplock, dueling Crossbow) are pistols. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: The rulebook states that you can arm a warrior "with up to two close combat weapons, up to two different missile weapons and any armor chosen from the appropriate list." How do pistols count?
A: Pistols are listed under Blackpowder weapons (which is a special kind of shooting weapon), in the price list they are listed under missile weapons. According to rules, pistol is a missile weapon, brace of pistols counts as two missile weapons (although some clubs play it that brace counts as one missile weapon only). It doesn’t take “slots” for your hand-to-hand weapons. [recommended]

Q: Can pistol be parried in hand-to-hand combat?
A: Yes. Do not imagine it as stopping the bullet, but as pushing the pistol out of direction at the last moment.

Q: Can I reload a pistol (or handgun or whatever else) while running? Is it possible to fire from it one turn, next to run, and the third turn to fire it again?
A: Yes, this is permitted. You reload it no matter what else you do that second turn.

6.5 Gromril and Ithilmar

Q: According to page 65, Starting a Warband, a warband can only ever use the weapons and armor on their initial equipment list. A provision is made to get other weapons that aren't on the list later on (ie: the Weapons Training skill). However there is no provision for armor. On the Price Chart we see Gromril and Mithril Armor. They have costs and rare rolls, but no warband has them on their equipment list. Is this something that will be added later or is it an error or something else?
A: No. Gromril and Ithilmar are Materials. They are still suits of heavy armor, albeit made from expensive materials. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: If you have 2 Ithilmar weapons, do you get +2 Initiative?
A: No, you would add +1 to your Initiative for each attack from the separate weapons. For example, you have initiative 3 and one Ithilmar weapon fighting someone with I3 also, and it's the second round of combat. You would attack first with the Ithilmar weapon (now I4 with this weapon only), and then roll off between yourself and your opponent to see who would attack next, either your second weapon or your opponent. With 2 Ithilmar weapons, each attack would be at Initiative 4 and therefore all your attacks would strike first in the above example.

6.6 Armor

Q: Does a Helmet count as armor for a wizard casting spells? In the rule for casting spells it says, "A wizard may not use magic if he is wearing armor or has a shield or buckler". This suggests that a helmet is an exception but I would like to make sure.
A: As helmet is in the Armor section of equipment and there is no exception noted anywhere in the book, helmet is armor and your wizard cannot have one if he wants to cast spells. [recommended]

6.7 Sling

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 45, Sling; Add the following sentence to the end of the Fire Twice at Half Range special rule:

“If the model fires twice then each shot is at -1 to hit.”

7. Miscellaneous Equipment

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7.1 Blessed water

Q: With regards to blessed weapons, which wound undead and possessed on 2+. Do the list members here think that this would refer to all members of an undead or possessed warband (excluding hired swords) or just undead like vampires, zombies, dire wolves, and maybe ghouls but not necromancers and dregs? And with possessed, just possessed models, not beastmen, mutants, or magisters etc. (which would seem odd)?
A: Holy water (the question I had) only effects undead models (my question was concerning the undead). Since Dregs are human, they are not affected. Same with the necromancer. The manual actually states that zombies and dire wolves are undead, and therefore can be wounded. However, I cannot find the part in the book where it says vampires are undead. Naturally they are (although I am not an expert on vampires), but ... [recommended]

7.2 Hunter arrows

Q: When you buy hunting arrows, are they for one battle, for a campaign or are there a number of arrows (like say 20).
A: They last for the whole campaign. [recommended]

7.3 Tome of magic

Q: If I buy Tome of Magic, my wizard learns a spell from it. Can I give it then to another model so he can learn magic later using Arcane Lore skill? I mean will my wizard forget the spell he learnt from Tome of Magic or not?
A: It’s played both ways in clubs. You should agree how to play that in the beginning of your campaign. [recommended]

7.4 Toughened leather

Q: Who can wear the Toughened Leathers from the Opulent Goods chart in White Dwarf #239?
A: Since they are purchased as equipment, all Heroes can wear them. Henchmen cannot wear Toughened Leathers. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Rules for toughened leather (6+ save) say it can be combined only with helmet and/or buckler. Just want to make it sure: does it mean it cannot be combined with shield? If it doesn't state that it can be, I suppose it cannot be, although I see no other reason that then probably none would buy light armor at all.
A: This is correct. If you could combine it with a shield, it would be too effective for the price. But for the cost, it's the thriftiest 6+ save around. Sadly though, you can't give it to henchmen. [recommended]

7.5 Halfling cookbook

Q: In our Gaming Group we have come across a little idea: has each hero can have an Halfling Cookbook thus this means that I can have 6 more Henchman? This idea thus makes any sense?
A: No you can only get a single extra member, multiple cookbooks are not cumulative. However it does prevent you from loosing that extra member when the hero carrying a cookbook dies. [recommended, Tommy Punk]

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 54, Halfling Cookbook; Replace the brackets at the end of the second paragraph with:

“(note that neither an Undead warband nor a Carnival of Chaos warband can use this item).”

7.6 Lucky Charm

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 53, Lucky Charm; Replace the second paragraph with:

“The first time a model with a lucky charm is hit in a battle they roll a D6. On a 4+ the hit is discarded and no damage is suffered. Owning two or more charms does not confer any extra benefits, the model may still only try to discard the first hit.”

8. Magic

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8.1 General questions

Q: Regarding spells which have a Range, is the 'area of affect' a plane or a sphere? (i.e., does Soulfire affect enemy models above the caster (or below) if they fall within the spells radius).
A: It affects models above and below. (The wording is WITHIN the range). [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: If a spell does not specifically state that Line Of Sight is needed, do obstacles or buildings prevent a model within range from being hit?
A: No. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: If in the spell description there is written nothing about how long the spell lasts, well, how long does it last? To the end of game?
A: The spell lasts until the model that casted it is taken Out Of Action. Taking him Out Of Action removes all effects of all spells he casted in the game. [recommended]

8.2 Prayers of Sigmar

Q: Is it possible to cast Hearts of Steel several times to add several +1s to Rout test? If yes, what’s the maximum for rout test.
A: No, even when cast several times, the bonus for rout test is only +1. [recommended].

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 57, Hearts of Steel; Remove reference to Terror tests. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

8.3 Necromancy

Q: In regards to the Spell of Awakening, how does the new Zombie model figure into the warband rating? More specifically, does the Zombie's experience count towards the warband rating?
A: He counts for 5 points plus the experience he has gained towards the rating. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Does a Sister Superior that gets turned into a Zombie by the Spell of Awakening still get to use her Sigmarite Warhammers? Since these are holy weapons you would think no, but...
A: The answer is no, but the thought of it isn't unappealing. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Can Skaven be raised as zombies, via Spell of Awakening? I don't know it all, but isn't part of the story of the Skaven is that they turn to goo when they die? If they can, if a Skaven has weeping blades when they die, do the blades keep the poison effect when the Skaven is a zombie? Same question for Chaos Possessed or mutants...
A: Yes, they all can be raised as zombies via Spell of Awakening. And for case of weeping blades, these are weapons that have the poison effect "built-in itself", it's not poison applied to the weapon, so yes, same rules apply for the weapon even if used by zombie. [Mordheim Yahoo! Group]

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 58, Re-Animation; Replace the first sentence with:

“One Zombie that went Out Of Action during the last hand-to-hand combat or Shooting phase immediately returns to battle.”

8.4 Lesser magic

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 60, Silver Arrows of Arha; Replace the first sentence with:

“Unlike other spells, this cannot be cast whilst in hand-to-hand combat. The spell summons D6+2 arrows which the wizard can use to shoot against one enemy model.”

8.5 Magic of the Horned Rat

Q: Children of the Horned rat - do D3 giants rat appear on the battlefield at the beginning of battle or can I put them onto the board later? This spell comes quite badly described to me, words like: Spell must be used before game and may only be used once. When cast, the spell summons D3 GR, which are placed w/in 6" of sorcerer. Sorcerer may cast this spell successfully only once per battle.... So once per battle or once before battle or what?
A: It is casted before battle and the rats are deployed on the table at the same moment as the sorcerer is deployed and within 6” of him. [recommended]

Q: Black fury – can the spell be used to move 12" if there is no one within that distance to charge, or -must- there be someone to charge?
A: The spell allows the model to perform an out-of-sequence charge but does not over-ride any of the other charge rules (except it does allow you to ignore interceptions, as well as any other figures). If a charge was declared and found to be greater than 12", move 6" down the charge path, same as any other failed charge. The charge must be declared against a particular model. Yes, this could be used to get an extra 6" move - so what? A spell had to be cast to do so. [Rinku, recommended]

Q: Black fury - as you can cast spells in hand to hand combat, if this spell were casted in combat, could it be used to: a) Attack the current enemy with the +1S and +2A? b) Break combat and charge a different enemy?
A: a) Yes. Says "may charge" (i.e optional) but "and gains +1S +2A" b) No. Even if using the optional "Breaking from Combat" rules the nature of the fluff clearly shows that the rat is hungering to kill. If he has a victim in base to base, why would he go looking for other meat? [Rinku, recommended]

Q: A Skaven sorcerer casts 'Black Fury' and declares the charge. Does the charge require a fear test when charging a Vamp, Ghoul or other fear causing unit? I said no, as the charge is magical, and the spell basically frenzies the sorcerer. He said that it would be required regardless if the spell is successful or not... If it is required, and the test is failed, does the sorcerer stop short like a regular failed charge?
A: Since the spell description makes no mention of the caster being immune to psychology, I'd say that he has to test. One of the benefits of causing fear I suppose. [recommended]

8.5 Chaos Rituals

Q: Can vampires, zombies, or dire wolves be affected by Lure of Chaos? The spell mentions only working on living things, but that is in the description of the spell, not it's mechanics.
A: Yes, strictly to the rules they are affected. But as the fluff says the spell affects only living creatures, your club can make house rule, which will protect undead creatures from the spell. [recommended]


9. Warbands

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9.1 General questions

Q: Can Henchmen groups be split up after you begin the campaign or they start getting Experience?
A: No, the limit is in place to prevent experienced warbands gaining even more powerful warriors with just money. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: In a campaign, after the initial creation of the warband, can you choose to arm Henchmen with weapons that are not found on their list if you acquire them? (i.e. could you arm a Skaven Verminkin with Fighting Claws?)
A: No, see rulebook. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: Can I take a lucky charm or another item before my first battle in campaign, when I’m starting a new band?
A: No, you can't take lucky charms from the start. You can't take anything that isn't in your equipment list from the start.

Q: Rulebook, page 144 says: As with other new Henchmen, you must pay for all their weapons and armor.... OK, I just found a Fletcher with 2 bows. Does it mean that I cannot hire new marksman and give it one of bows I have found? Do I have to pay for new bow for him as well?
A: Logically you can’t hire new marksman that don’t have their equipment already – when somebody comes to City of Damned to offer his fighting services, he already brings some equipment with him (and you have to pay for it). If you want to recruit marksmen that know how to fire from bow, you wouldn’t look for guys that just sit in a pub and say “I can shoot” but even has no missile weapon, would you? Still you can buy two marksmen without bows, fight one battle and give them the bows afterwards (as long as all marksmen in the group have the same equipment). [recommended]

Q: If I recruit a new warrior in the middle of campaign, what price of equipment I pay for him? The price that is listed at my gang rules (he brought the equipment with him from his home land)? Or the price in the Trading section of rulebook (he came without equipment, I hired him, bought equipment in local trading post and gave it to him)? Or can I freely choose?
A: Hiring a new warrior means that you take the fellow into the battle with you. You don’t trust him before his first battle (well he might be spy or even something worse) so you cannot buy him any rare items, you can’t give him any equipment your warband have until he fights at least one battle with you. This means all his equipment (incl. weapons and armor) he has he brought with himself, so you pay the prices that are stated in the list in gang part of the rules. After his first battle you can freely swap equipment between him and other members of warband etc. [recommended]

9.2 Weapons and armor

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 65, 1st column, 1st paragraph of Weapons and Armor; Replace the first sentence with:

“Each warrior you recruit can be armed with up to two close combat weapons (in addition to his free dagger), up to two different missile weapons and any armor chosen from the appropriate list. For these purposes, a brace of pistols counts as a single missile weapon.”

9.3 Mercenaries

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 69, 2nd column, Choice of Warriors Marksmen entry; The warband may include no more than seven Marksmen (not five). [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Wolf Priest for Middenheimers from Town Cryer #8 – is he additional hero to your warband, is he hired sword or what?
A: When I wrote the rules for the Wolf Priest, I intended him to be used in one of the champion slots of a warband, not as an additional hero. [Enrique Durand, author of Wolf Priest rules, eGroups Mordheim mail list message #26959]

9.4 Possessed

Q: Can you take a multiple of the same mutation so that each one gives you a benefit? For example: Tentacle twice for -1 Attack per tentacle.
A: Yes. However, in order to get three Tentacles, you must first buy the Extra Arm mutation as the Tentacle has to have an arm to grow from. You can have multiples of any of the mutations with cumulative effects. But, remember that a Possessed with say, two Blackbloods costs 180 GC! [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Does the profile chart on page 121, include the benefits that Mutants and Possessed may gain from mutations? For example, can a Mutant who was bought with 2 of the Extra arm mutations, which would give him 3 attacks in close combat, only gain one more attack advance on his profile? Or could he end up with 4 attacks gained from advances and then have 2 extra attacks from having 2 extra arms?
A: No. Just as they don't include benefits of weapons models carry and yes, he could end up with six attacks if the dice favored him. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: When choosing the Third Arm mutation on my mutant, it says that, using this arm I can chose any one-arm weapon... does that include the Sisters of Sigmar Steel Whip? I know it is only available to the Sisters of Sigmar but does the mutation void this rule.
A: As long as the Mutant in question has Weapons Training, he can use a Steel Whip, Dwarf Axe, or other one handed close combat weapon in the arm. Of course, the only possibility to get this weapon is if an enemy hero is Captured by you at the end of a battle and you sell him into slavery (some warbands get other options too :) In this case you get their equipment, to dispose of as you see fit, including giving it to Weapons Trainees to use.

Q: A Mutant has Str3/ A1, an extra arm(+1A), a great claw (+1 A at +1 str), a double handed weapon (+2 str). He gets 1 attack at str4, 2 at str 5, or 1 str5 2 str4. Is this correct? Does it matter if the claw is on an original, or a 3rd arm (especially a gift of the shadow lord arm)?
A: This is not correct. The Great Claw replaces an arm. The text reads "One of the mutants arms ends in a great, crab-like claw". The extra attack represents the ability to attack once with the claw and once with a hand weapon in the non-mutated arm. On your mutant above you start out with 2 arms. You get the extra arm mutation so you have 3 arms. One of those arms mutates into a claw, so now you have 1 claw and 2 arms. The 2 normal arms wield the 2-handed weapon. This gives you 1 S4 attack with the claw and 1 S5 attack with the 2-handed weapon. If instead of a 2-handed weapon you used 2 regular hand weapons you would have 3 total attacks. 1 at S4 and 2 at S3.

9.5 Witch hunters

Q: Why is the Witch Hunter warband limited to 12 models while most of the others have a limit of 15 or more? They don't seem to have any real advantage in stats compared to any other group so why are they lower? Perhaps I am missing something.
A: Because the Witch Hunters move in small bands. Get a Halfling cook for them. He gives +1 to the size of the warband. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

9.6 Sisters of Sigmar
Q: Can the steel whip be used to attack an enemy model in close combat from a distance?
A: Yes. Also, there is no need to randomize the hit, only the enemy model is attacked. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: I don’t understand the steel whip. Is it hand-to-hand weapon or missile weapon?
A: Steel whip is hand-to-hand combat weapon with special rule. This special rule says that you can use steel whip to make ranged attack (but you still do this attack in hand-to-hand phase) to hit someone who is up to 4” away. There is special note that if model with steel whip is in base contact with enemy, he must attack this enemy he is in base contact with. Explanation of this is: if your model with steel whip is not in Hand To Hand combat in base contact with enemy and there is enemy model within 4” (don’t measure! guess if in range, declare you are attacking and the measure) then your model can make this ranged attack. [recommended]

Q: Can I shoot missile weapon in shooting phase and in the same turn also use ranged attack of steel whip?
A: No, your model cannot use both missile and close combat weapon in same turn and there is no exception for steel whip. [recommended]

Q: If a model has Righteous Fury, does he have a hatred of Orcs & Chaos Dwarves? The skill was made before Orcs were added and since Chaos Dwarves haven't officially been added to Mordheim yet, I just figured I'd run it by you guys.
A: The fluff says that the fury is toward "evil that pollutes the soil of the holy Empire", so I agree yes as well. You can add Beastmen, Dark Elves and any other "evil" race as well. Non-chaos humans who just like to kill, loot etc should not be included IMHO. Warhammer has a large dose of grey, but there is a dark/light division. [Rinku, recommended]

Q: If a model has steel whips and is frenzied does she have to charge into base to base contact, or can she stop within 4" and whip to her crazy heart's content?
A: Yes, she has to charge, as per the frenzy rules. Give the crazy bitch some hammers ;) [Rinku]

Q: Can a Sister of Sigmar Sling in the shooting phase, then Whip in the assault phase?
A: No - models fighting in close combat (even 4" away!) cannot shoot. See p. 29. For more on whips see http://ww.egroups.com/files/Mordheim/Miscellaneous/Whipping+up+some+Questions.txt [Tuomas]

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 85, Steel Whip weapon stat line; Replace:

"Range: 4" ” with “Range: Close combat”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 85, Steel Whip weapon stat line; Replace:

"Special Rules: Reach" with "Special Rules: Whipcrack”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 85, Steel Whip special rules; Replace the reach special rule with:

Whipcrack: when the wielder charges they gain +1A for that turn. This bonus attack is added after any other modifications. When the wielder is charged they gain +1A that they may only use against the charger. This additional attack will ‘strike first’. If the wielder is simultaneously charged by two or more opponents they will still only receive a total of +1A. If the wielder is using two whips at the same time then they get +1A for the additional hand weapon, but only the first whip gets the whipcrack +1A.”

9.7 Undead

Q: Under the Henchmen listing for Ghouls, it says that they can never carry equipment. However, if your Ghoul gets the "That Lad's Got Talent" advancement and you make him a Ghoul Hero, he can get Combat Skills for one of his choices. If he gets the chance to learn a new skill, can you give him Weapons Training to allow him to use weapons or is the listing about Ghoul Henchmen never using weapons final?
A: The letter of the rule is that Ghouls can have NO equipment. However, so many people enjoy equipping their Ghouls that I (Tuomas) rarely point this out. I hate seeing all of those Ghoul conversions going to waste! [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: When the undead gain an enemy hero as a zombie (I can't recall the spell name) it says they get no other skills or equipment. Do they get to keep the skills they already have?
A: Rulebook page 58: "The dead Hero retains his characteristics and all his weapons and armor but may not use any other equipment or skills." So he is not allowed to gain experience, so the existing skills are the only ones this could be referring to. A better wording would have been to say "...equipment, or use any skills." [Rinku]

9.8 Skaven

Q: The Blowpipe is 30 GC in the Skaven Equipment list and 25GC in its description on the next page. Which one is it?
A: 25 GC. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Is a Skaven warplock pistol treated like other pistols in all regards except the strength and range (i.e.: brace of pistols can fire every round, be used in close combat etc...)?
A: Yes. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Also, it says if a character has a brace of pistols they can fire both in the first round of Hand To Hand combat resolved at the pistol's strength. After the first round can they fire a single shot each turn or none at all?
A: None. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 93, Skaven skill table; Change "Warlock Engineer" to "Eshin Sorcerer". [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Under Giant Rats (p.95) is: "Pack Size: You can recruit as many Giant Rats as you wish." What does this mean? Can I have more than 20? No other answer seems to make sense. Since rats cannot get experience, there is no special benefit to having large groups of them. If it really just means that the Henchmen Group does not have to be 1-5 models, then why make this a special rule at all? Is there a benefit, beyond experience, to having large Henchmen Groups?
A: It takes up less room on the warband roster sheet. Pragmatic and simple. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Tail Fighting allows the model to use a shield, yet most Skaven Heroes cannot get shields. How can this skill be used?
A: Darn, I knew I should have corrected that (-Tuomas). Oh well... yes, you are right - Skaven Heroes other than Night Runners and promoted Verminkin cannot use shields [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: A model with Fighting Claws may not use any other weapons for the entire battle. I assume that there is no exception for a model with Tail Fighting? The word "any" seems pretty exclusive.
A: With Tail Fighting, you can have an additional weapon (hooray!). [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Night Runners take equipment from the Henchmen Equipment lists, even though they are Heroes. Is this correct or are they supposed to draw their equipment from the from the Heroes lists?
A: No, this is the truth. But being able to get a parry, a re-roll and an additional attack on your Heroes that can take Fighting Claws isn't that bad. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Which equipment lists do Skaven NightRunners Use? Heroes or Henchmen? The problem is that the white dwarf battle report clearly has both night runners armed with throwing stars - weapons only available on the heroes list. Also the article by Gareth Hamilton also has a NightRunner armed with fighting claws - also only available on the heroes list. So is it a misprint or is the henchmen list wrong?
A: Misprint. Gareth was using play test rules, and Mark Bedford only plays occasionally and sometimes makes little mistakes -don't be too hard on them. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: Do the Hand To Hand rules for Black Powder pistols apply to Warplock pistols?
A: Yes. A pistol is a pistol. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: Can Skaven use equipment normally forbidden to them if they find it through Exploration?
A: Yes, they can. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: My friend and I had a discussion about the skill "Art of Silent Death". It concerned the ability to make a critical on 5+ instead of a 6. On high T creatures he meant that it should be raised to a 6 as you cannot make a critical hit on a creature that you need a 6 to wound in normal cases. Hence you shouldn’t be able to make a critical hit on a 5 if you needed a 5 to wound it. I meant the rule was quite clear and it only mattered vs. high T creatures which probably would be a pain in the ass anyway. And this one skill might actually prove much more dangerous to this particularly type of creatures. What do you think?
A: As you can’t make a critical hit on 6 if you require 6 to wound, play it the way that if model with Art of Silent Death skill requires 5+ to wound, then critical hit can be scored only when dice rolls 6. If you’re required 6+ to hit and score 5 you cause neither hit nor critical hit. [recommended]

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 95, Rat Ogre; Replace the Large special rule with:

“Large Target: Rat Ogres are Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules.”

9.9 Dwarfs

Q: Can a starting Dwarf Warband get Gromril Daggers for free? Since the first dagger you buy is free and the cost of Gromril Weapons is 3x normal value - 3x0=0?
A: The first DAGGER is free, not the first Gromril Dagger! [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Does a Tilean Marksmen gain the benefit of the extra 6" range in a Dwarf Warband if the warband has a Engineer?
A: The Expert Weaponsmith rule says that all the missile weapons in the warband benefit, so yes.

9.10 Orcs

Q: As Squigs do not have to declare charge (they move 2D6” each turn and if they come to base to base they automatically charge) do they have to roll for the fear test when charging fear causing enemy?
A: Squig's movement is not voluntary. A Squig who ends up in base to base with a fearsome opponent must make a test and hits on 6's if it fails, but technically the Squig need not make a fear test when moving base-to-base. [Rinku, recommended]

Q: I want to ask how you play the Goblins as a possible food for Trolls. This question rises because goblin is cheaper than buying food for troll. Well, we made house rule, that first you feed troll, later you go to trading post and you can buy new goblin, so you cannot just buy a goblin and give it immediately to troll. But I wanted to know how others play it.
A: The way it works is that you can feed the troll a goblin or a Squig only if you have no money to buy food for him. And yes you do have to feed him prior to going in to trade. [recommended]

Q: Can an Orc warband purchase another Big ’Un if his first Big Un became the leader and he has one other Big ’Un?
A: No. The new Leader is still a Big ’Un, albeit with the Leader ability. You can fill the empty hero spot with promoted Orcs, but you may never have more than 2 Big ’Uns.

Q: Do Orcs really get Dwarf axe?
A: No, Tuomas corrected this was an error – Orcs don’t have access to Dwarf axe. But Orcs do have access to Clubs and maces, that is missing in their warband rules. [Tuomas. Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' mail list message #25037]

9.11 Beastmen

Q: Skill Massive Strength. A Beastman Hero is titanic in size and may use a double-handed weapon in one hand. Now, read literally, the means ONLY Double-Handed Weapons (+2 Str, Strike Last) can be used one-handed. But, is it intended that other two-hand weapons (Halberd, Flail, etc) can be used One-handed with this skill?
A: No, those weapons rely more on skill. This skill simply represents the brutish strength of the said Beastman. [Tuomas, E-groups Mordheim mail list]

9.12 Elves

Q: When can we expect to see official releases of Elf Warbands in the Town Cryer? I've gotten a hold of one article written by you about Elves but it was pre-Mordheim boxed set. Any hints?
A: The more I think about it, the more I feel that the Elves should be put into another setting instead of Mordheim. As we start exploring other parts of the Warhammer World, Elves will make an appearance sooner later in Town Cryer. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' mail list, message #21828]

10. Campaigns

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10.1. Post Battle Sequence

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 117, Post Battle Sequence; Stages 1-3 remain as they are. Stage 5 is renumbered stage 10. Stage 4 is replaced by the following new stages:

  1. Sell Wyrdstone. This can only be done once per post battle sequence.

  2. Check available veterans. Roll to see how much Experience worth of veterans is available for hire. You don’t have to commit to hiring any at this point.

  3. Make rarity rolls and buy rare items. Make rolls for any rare items you intend to buy and pay for them. These items go into the warband’s stash.

  4. Look for Dramatic Personae. If you want to hire any.

  5. Hire new recruits & buy common items. New recruits come equipped with their free dagger and may be bought common items. This is done in any order and may be done several times. Note that newly hired recruits cannot buy rare items. They can, however, be equipped with rare items if there are any in the warband’s stash in stage 9.

  6. Reallocate equipment. Swap equipment between models as desired (provided they are eligible to use it).

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 117, Death of a Leader; Replace the last sentence of the second paragraph (“In the case of Undead warbands…”) with:

“You can buy a Vampire after the next game, at which point the Necromancer will step down (whether he wants to or not) and lose the Leader skill.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 117, Death of a Leader; Add the following paragraph at the end of this section:

“If the leader of a Sisters of Sigmar, Possessed or Carnival of Chaos warband dies then their successor will be entitled to learn to use magic in their stead. The new leader may choose a prayer/spell from the appropriate list, instead of rolling on the Advance table, the first time they are eligible for an advance. After this they are considered to be a wizard/use prayers as appropriate for their warband and use the advance table as normal.”

10.2 Serious injuries

Q: Do models that fled in the battle count as Out Of Action, i.e. do I have to roll for them on serious injury table?
A: No, they only fled, they were not injured. [recommended]

Q: An Out Of Action henchman/hero dies. Do you lose the equipment he/she was carrying, or can you use it to equip a replacement? I thought you only lost it if the unit was captured...
A: Nope, you lose it all. Sorry. It's assumed the body is pillaged/looted/eaten/etc...and his equipment scattered to the four winds before anyone can find it.

10.3 Warband Rating

Q: When you have more than one Henchman in a Henchman group, how does their experience affect your warband rating?
A: A LOT of people seem to be confused on this one. A Henchman group with five members and one experience point adds +5 to your warband rating, not +1 as a many players seem to believe. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: Rat Ogres and other large creatures are worth 20 points on a warband's rating. To calculate this same rating, the formula is 5x the number of models in the warband. Does this mean large creatures are, in effect, worth more on the rating?
A: No, they only count as 20 (plus XP if any). [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Q: I have a henchman group with 3 members. One dies after the battle. Does the rest of the group gain +1 experience for surviving (i.e. does the whole group have to survive to gain +1 Experience point for surviving the battle)
A: No, imagine it this way: every member in your warband gets +1 experience point if he survives the battle. No matter what happened to him (even if he was seriously wounded in that battle), no matter what happened to his fellows (leader died, another henchman from the same group he is from died etc.) So if at least one member from henchman group survived, the group gets +1 experience for surviving.

11. Experience

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11.1 General questions

Q: Does a model that was taken Out Of Action, but survived (he didn’t die when rolling on serious injury table) get +1 experience point or not.
A: Yes, he gets +1 point, the battle was an experience… [recommended]

11.2 Henchmen

Q: Are Henchmen Groups limited to the 14 experience points listed on the roster sheet?
A: Yes, 14 is the limit. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

Rulebook errata: page 121, left column, last sentence, ignore any further results of 12 should be ignore any further results of 10-12. [recommended]

Q: How to read the sentence “If you still have to roll for the other Henchmen in the group, ignore any further results of 12.” from Lad’s got talent advance.
A: Read it: If you have more than 1 henchman in a group, one became hero and the others re-roll their advance to see what advance they got. If you roll again 10-12, re-roll until you roll 2-9. [recommended].

Q: If you have the maximum number of heroes allowed by your warband list, how many "lads got talent" heroes can you accumulate from your Henchmen?
A: Your warband has maximum number of 6 heroes. Re-roll any results that would give you more -or dismiss existing heroes. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: Beastman from a Possessed warband gets promoted to Hero and gets to choose two skill lists. Can he choose any of the five skill lists? He is a Beastman, and can't use a bow. Can he get the Shooting Skill List and then get Weapons Expert when he gets a skill to allow him to use bows?
A: NO. Here's why.... Experience, Pg. 121 "Henchmen"-"You may choose two skill lists available to Heroes in your warband. These are the skill types your new hero can choose from when he gains new skills." Since none of the other possessed heroes can get shooting skills, this warband never will either!

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 121, Henchmen; In the first paragraph of this section, change the second sentence to read:

“If the dice roll indicates an increase in a characteristic which has already been increased (or is at its racial maximum), roll again until an un-increased characteristic is rolled.”

11.3 Characteristic Increase

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 121, Characteristic Increase; In the initial paragraph, change the third sentence to read:

“If both are already at their racial maximum, you may increase any other (that is not already at its racial maximum) by +1 instead.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 121, Characteristic Increase; Replace the existing Ogre maximum characteristics with:

OGRE (Ogre Bodyguard Hired Sword)











Ogre 6 6 5 5 5 5 6 5 9

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 121, Characteristic Increase; Add the maximum characteristics for Halflings:

Halfling (Halfling Scout Hired Sword, et al)











Halfling 4 5 7 3 3 3 9 4 10
11.4 Skills

Q: Can the jumping skill be used to allow a model to jump upwards (rather than just across gaps)?
A: No. Suggest house rule halving the distance when jumping up. [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: The Quick Shot skill allows a model to fire twice per turn. Can a model armed with a sling and having the Quick Shot skill then fire four shots if they are less than half range?
A: No -the spec. rule and the skill do the same thing. They both change A into B, doing the same thing -end result is the same. No doubling doubles! [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: The Eagle Eye skill allows you to add 6" to the range of a missile weapon. In regards to the Sling, is this +6" applied to both short and maximum ranges (thus allowing 2 shots at short range+6")?
A: +3" (The overall range increases 6", increasing short range by 3). [Tuomas, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

Q: If a hero has Quick shot skill and he is equipped with sling, how many shots can he fire from a short distance?
A: Tuomas once wrote, or said when I met him, that you are not allowed to double a double. For slings it is only interesting on long distance... [recommended]

Q: Can you combine Pistolier, a brace of dueling pistols, and quickshot for 4 shots a round?
A: No. No. No. The pistols are still subject to the Reload rule so Quick Shot cannot be used to fire them again in the same turn. The skill Hunter will allow them to be loaded and fired each turn, but one shot per turn is the absolute limit for each black powder weapon - Hunter simply reduces the reload time to one full turn. [Rinku]

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 122, Expert Swordsman skill description; Add the following to the end:

“Note that this only applies when they are armed with normal swords or weeping blades, and not with double-handed swords or any other weapons.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 122, Quick Shot; Replace the description with:

“Quick Shot: The warrior may shoot twice per turn with a bow or crossbow (but not a crossbow pistol).”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 122, Pistolier; Replace the second sentence of the description with:

“If he is equipped with a brace of pistols of any type (including crossbow pistols), he may fire twice in the Shooting phase (though note that normal reloading rules apply). If he has a single pistol then he may fire it in the same turn it was reloaded.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 122, Hunter; Replace the second sentence of the description with:

“He may fire each turn with a handgun or Hochland long rifle."

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 123, Haggle; Replace the second sentence with:

“He may deduct 2D6 gold crowns from the price of any single item (to a minimum cost of 1gc) once per post battle sequence.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 123, Pit Fighter; Add the following at the end of the description:

“It’s a good idea to define which bits of your terrain collection count as ‘buildings or ruins’ at the start of a battle to avoid confusion later.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 123, Speed skills; Change:

"Lighting Reflexes" to "Lightning Reflexes". [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 123, Lightning Reflexes; Replace the entry with:

“If the warrior is charged he will ‘strike first’ against those that charged that turn. As the charger(s) will also normally ‘strike first’ (for charging), the order of attack between the charger(s) and the warrior with this skill will be determined by comparing Initiative values.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 123, Jump Up; Replace the last sentence with:

“The warrior may ignore Knocked Down results when rolling for injuries, unless he is Knocked Down because of a successful save from wearing a helmet or because he has the No Pain special rule.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 123, Dodge; Replace the last sentence with:

“Note that this roll is taken against missiles as soon as a hit is scored to see whether the warrior dodges it or not, before rolling to wound, and before any effects from other skills or equipment (such as lucky charms).”

11.5 New skills from Town Cryer

Q: With the new Hunch skill in Town Cryer, are the three models place after enemy deployment regardless of which warband deploys first? This would make sense to me as you would otherwise not be sure if they are at least 12" away from any enemy model.
A: Read it that a player setting up first can place the models in any building outside the enemy deployment zone, then the enemy deploys as normal (which could result in models being close to each other) This is play-balance neutral in most scenarios as neither knows who will go first. It's actually more balanced this way, as otherwise you get to react to your opponent's setup too well (the other skill, Tactician has a "react to his setup" effect, but the redeployment is done within your own setup zone.) The 12" restriction is for players setting up second. [Rinku, recommended]

12. Scenarios

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12.1 General scenario questions

Q: When you are starting a new scenario and a building has been placed within the area I set my men up in, can they start on the second or third floor of that building?
A: Yes they can (damn those Reiklanders with crossbows!!!) Simply the models must be set up within the deployment zone. Being elevated can be a disadvantage (as anyone who has had a model Knocked Down within 1" of an edge and failed the roll can tell you).

13. Income

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Rulebook errata: Page 134, change the sentence in the first column, 'If you have won your last game, you may re-roll any one dice but you must accept the second result.' to read 'If you won your last game you may roll one extra dice.' [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

14. Hired Swords

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14.1 General questions

Q: Can you only hire 1 of each type of Hired Sword, or lets say I can hire 3 Tilean Marksmen.
A: Rulebook page 147: you can hire only one hired sword from each type.

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 144, New recruits; Replace the first paragraph of this section (“New warriors… at least one battle”) with:

“New warriors are recruited in the same way as the original warband with the notable exception of equipment. After the start of a campaign, a new hireling can only buy Common items from his warband’s equipment chart freely. He may only be given Rare items from his warband’s equipment chart if the warband can obtain them via the normal trading rules.”

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 147, Recruiting Hired Swords; In the third paragraph of this section, replace the first two sentences with:

“Hired Swords do not count towards the maximum number of warriors or Heroes a warband may have on its roster and don’t affect your income from selling wyrdstone. However, Hired Swords do count as part of the warband for purposes of Rout tests, etc whilst in battle.”

14.2 Ogre bodyguard

Q: The Ogre Bodyguard has an attack characteristic of 2, but the description describes it as normally carrying two hand weapons, or alternately, a two handed weapon, or a weapon and shield. Is the 2 attacks assuming the bonus for the second weapon, or not? We have been playing that it has three attacks total, but this seems like an awfully good deal for the 80gc cost...
A: He has 2 profile attacks, and with an additional hand weapon will gain an extra attack. He is only 80gc's, but you have to consider the upkeep, which is a bit steep, especially for starting warbands. [recommended]

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 148, Ogre Bodyguard; Replace the Large special rule with:

“Large Target: Ogres are Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules.”

14.3 Dwarf Troll Slayer

Q: The Dwarf Troll Slayer has Ferocious Charge which doubles his attacks when charging but at the cost of a -1 to hit penalty. This penalty is negated by his other skill Berserker which give +1 to hit when charging, What's the point? Why have modifiers at all or is one of them incorrect?
A: They are both correct. It is not required that skills be used in most cases. The Troll Slayer could opt to not use Ferocious Charge if he thought the opponent wasn't nasty enough to warrant it or if he just really wanted to make sure that his fewer number of attacks actually hit. [Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ]

14.4 Freelancer

OFFICIAL Mordheim ERRATA: Page 150, Freelancer; Under Equipment, replace the second sentence with:

“If you are using the optional rules for mounted models, a Freelancer rides a warhorse (and has the Ride Warhorse skill from the Blazing Saddles article).”

15. Other Questions

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15.1.Roster sheets

Q: There ware no roster sheets in the box apart from the one printed in the book. Is there a way to get some?
A: Yes, you can download Mordheim rosters for Adobe Acrobat Reader from http://www.games-workshop.com/Mordheim/Mordheim_Hobby/Mordheim_Roster_Sheets.pdf

Q: There is only space for 5 heroes on a roster sheet. Where to write the sixth one?
A: Make your own roster with space for six heroes.

15.2 Tarot Card

Q: Why is there a tarot card in my Mordheim box?
A: It has no game significance and was simply included as something "in theme" and "cool".( [Todd Estabrook, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ]

15.3 Miniatures

Q: Apart from normal Mordheim miniatures I saw some “dead bodies” on pictures in rulebook and White Dwarf magazine. Are these available?
A: Casualties (as Games Workshop calls them) were made by Games Workshop and given away as parts of mail order deals, but they were not available in shops. There is a site that tries to cover all Mordheim miniatures and has pictures of (possibly) all casualty miniatures, including part codes (useful when you order from Games Workshop Mail Order department): http://perso.infonie.fr/sjones/mordgal/catalogue/index.html; whether they are available to buy, ask Games Workshop mail order, email is: motroll@games-workshop.co.uk. Anyway, these minis are just slightly converted plastic mercenaries and Skaven, so it might be saving money if you buy those boxed sets, make your own dead bodies and still have several parts from sprues.

15.4 Mordheim Font

Q: What is the font used in Mordheim for headings and where can I get it.
A: It is font called FF Schoensperger Regular, it is a commercial font, but you can buy it. For more information go to http://www.fontfont.de/packages/scribe1533/sch450/sch450_xx.html

16. Official Annual 2002 Errata

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OMA2002 ERRATA: Page 3, Man-Eater; Replace the last sentence with:

“Opponents are +1 to hit the tree in hand-to-hand combat, due to the fact that it is rooted to the spot. The Tree is a Large Target.”

OMA2002 ERRATA: Page 6, Forbidden Fruit; Add the following to the end of the paragraph:

“The Tree is a Large Target.”

OMA2002 ERRATA: Page 7, Itsy-Bitsy Spider; Add a new special rule:

“Large Target: Gigantic Spiders are Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules.”

OMA2002 ERRATA: Page 9, Orc Equipment Lists; Add a club at 3gc to the list of hand-to-hand combat weapons available to the Orcs.

OMA2002 ERRATA: Page 11, Troll; Add a new special rule:

“Large Target: Trolls are Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules.”

OMA2002 ERRATA: Page 21, Dwarf Warrior Equipment Lists; Add a brace of pistols at 30gc to the list of missile weapons available to the Dwarf warriors.

OMA2002 ERRATA: Page 22, Dwarf Engineer; Replace the Expert Weaponsmith special rule with:

Expert Weaponsmith: A Dwarf Engineer is a master of mechanical devices. By using stronger construction materials and time-tested secrets of Dwarf engineering, a Dwarf Engineer can increase the distance the warband’s missile weapons can shoot. Missile weapons bought from the warband’s basic equipment lists have their range increased by 3” for Pistols and 6” for Crossbows and Handguns. Range increases only apply in battles in which the Engineer takes part (though they do apply even if he is yet to enter the battlefield or has already been taken Out Of Action in this battle). He has no effect on the equipment of Hired Swords.”

OMA2002 ERRATA: Page 25, Nicodemus; Add Witch Hunters to the list of warbands that cannot hire Nicodemus.

OMA2002 ERRATA: Page 34, Great Beasts in Mordheim; Insert a new sentence between the fourth and fifth (after “…a new lair in the ruined city.”):

“Even so, all monsters count as Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules.”

OMA2002 ERRATA: Page 66, 2nd column; Add a new special rule between Armor Bonus and Bolting Mounts:

“Large Target: All models mounted on a riding creature from this section count as Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules. Un-ridden riding creatures are not Large Targets.”

OMA2002 ERRATA: Page 81, Trained Bear; Add a new special rule:

“Large Target: Bears are Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules.”

17. Official Empire in Flames Errata

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OEIF ERRATA: Page 17; Change the price of a Horseman’s Hammer to 12 gc.

OEIF ERRATA: Page 24, 2nd column; Add a new special rule between Armor Bonus and Bolting Mounts:

“Large Target: All models mounted on a riding creature from this section count as Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules. Un-ridden riding creatures are not Large Targets.”

OEIF ERRATA: Page 60, Special Rules; Add the following Special rule:

“Tainted: The Carnival is a similarly unclean mass of mutation and Chaos to the Possessed and so counts as such for purposes of Exploration and Serious Injuries.”

OEIF ERRATA: Page 66, Nurgle’s Rot; Change the fifth sentence to read:

“If the Tainted One makes a successful to Wound roll of a 6 with any of his hand-to-hand attacks, the target model will contract the Rot (note: Nurgle’s Rot only affects the living, so Undead, Daemons and Possessed are immune).”

OEIF ERRATA: Page 71, Beastman skill tables; The ‘3s’ in the table should be ticks.

OEIF ERRATA: Page 71, Maximum Characteristics; Replace the entry with:











Ungor 6 6 6 4 4 3 7 4 7
Centigor 9 7 6 4 5 4 6 4 9
Minotaur 6 6 5 5 5 5 6 5 9
Others* 5 7 6 4 5 5 6 4 9

*This includes all the non-Centigor Heroes and the Gor Henchmen.

OEIF ERRATA: Page 73, Minotaur; Replace the Large special rule with:

“Large Target: Minotaurs are Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules.

OEIF ERRATA: Page 74, Shaggy Hide skill; Replace the existing definition with the following:

“The Beastman’s massively shaggy hide acts as armor, deflecting sword strokes and protecting him from harm. The model gains a 6+ Armor Save that can be combined with other armor as normal.”

OEIF ERRATA: Page 78, The Thing in the Woods; Replace the Large Beast special rule with:

“Large Target: The Balewolf is a Large Target as defined in the shooting rules.”

18. Official Warbands

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18.1 Mordheim Rules Review Committee's Comments:

"Over the years we’ve seen a number of new warbands and Hired Swords in a variety of publications and versions. This can be somewhat confusing for people, so we’ve gone through them all and listed those that should be considered “official”. What we mean by this is that we think these warbands and Hired Swords are reasonably balanced and fair. Whilst you can, of course, use any warbands you like in your own games, the ones listed here will probably form the basis for most competitive events (one of the reasons we made this list was repeated questions about what was ‘legal’ in tournaments)."

18.2 Official Warbands

  • All the ones in the printed rulebook
  • Orc & Goblin warbands from the 2002 Annual
  • Dwarf Treasure Hunter warbands from the 2002 Annual
  • Ostlander warbands from the 2002 Annual
  • Averlander warbands from the 2002 Annual
  • Kislevite warbands from the 2002 Annual
  • Beastmen warbands from Empire In Flames
  • Carnival of Chaos warbands from Empire In Flames
18.3 Official Hired Swords

  • All the ones in the printed rulebook
  • Imperial Assassin from the 2002 Annual
  • Tilean Marksman from the 2002 Annual
  • Beasthunter from Empire In Flames
  • Highwayman from Empire In Flames
  • Roadwarden from Empire In Flames
  • The Merchant from Town Cryer 22
18.4 Official Dramatis Personae

  • All the ones in the printed rulebook
  • Nicodemus, the Cursed Pilgrim from the 2002 Annual
  • Ulli & Marquand from the 2002 Annual
  • Marianna Chevaux from Town Cryer 22

19. Official FAQ

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Q: Does a model that is missing a game (for any reason) count towards the warband’s rating?
A: Yes. The opposing warband doesn’t know exactly which warriors they’re fighting today, but they do know it’s the infamously bloodthirsty Black Spiders they’ve bumped into and they’re heard all the rumors about the last lot that crossed them…

Q: Does a model that is missing a game (for any reason) count towards the number of models in a warband for the purposes of Rout tests?
A: No. His mates know he’s lying in his sickbed at home and know he’s not going to help them today.

Q: The Beastmen in the Possessed warband and the Beastmen warband have different profiles. Is this a mistake?
A: No. You’ll note that the warriors are actually called something different too: ‘Beastmen’ in the Possessed warband and ‘Ungors’, ‘Gors’ and ‘Bestigors’ in the Beastmen warband. These are creatures of Chaos, after all, and there are many types of them in the Old World. Those that have been tainted by the proximity of so much warpstone in the city are a bit harder to kill, but that’s only to be expected.

Q: Can a free dagger be given to another member of the warband or sold?
A: No. A warrior will always keep his dagger as a last line of defense. It cannot be given away or sold.

Q: Should Dwarfs be banned from taking spears in line with 6th edition Warhammer?
A: No. Mordheim is set 500 years earlier and on a completely different scale. The lack of spear wielding regiments in the Dwarf army should not be taken to mean that Dwarfs never use them.

Q: If a warband has both a Halfling Scout and a Halfling cookbook does it add +2 to its maximum size or just +1?
A: +2.

Q: What happens to the extra member of a warband if a Halfling Scout leaves or is killed (so the warband no longer gets the +1 to its maximum size)?
A: If the warband doesn’t acquire a new Halfling Scout the warband must reduce its size to its current legal maximum at the end of stage 8 of the Post Battle sequence (as the extra warriors wander off in search of better rations).

Q: What is a ‘brace’ of pistols?
A: A brace of pistols is two pistols of the same type (i.e., two dueling pistols, two crossbow pistols, etc.)

Q: If I buy two of the same type of pistol at different times, are they counted as a brace?
A: Yes, as long as they’re exactly the same type.

Q: Does a model with more than one shooting attack need to declare all of his target(s) before rolling any dice, or can he decide before each shot?
A: He may decide before each shot.

Q: If a model casts the Lure of Chaos spell, can either the caster or the target use their leader’s Leadership if he’s within 6” (because of the Leader special rule)”?
A: No. The Leader special rule will only help with Leadership tests, and this isn’t one.

Q: If I fail a Fear test and need to roll 6s to hit, does that only apply against the model that caused the Fear test, or against anyone I attack that turn?
A: Against anyone.

Q: Can a model that is behind a low wall or adjacent to a corner charge even while declared as Hidden?
A: Yes. In the description of Hidden, he is “just peeking out of cover”. In other words, we can assume that he can indeed see his intended target.

Q: What happens if a Merchant’s bodyguard dies?
A: The bodyguard is defined as a skill, so the Merchant will be without one until he can take the skill again as the result of gaining Experience. On the other hand, if the Merchant dies then the bodyguard leaves the warband after that battle.

Q: Is a Merchant’s bodyguard a Hero or a Henchman for purposes of rolling for serious injuries?
A: A Henchman.

Q: If I attack with a pistol in hand-to-hand combat do I use my WS or BS?
A: WS for all except the crossbow pistol (which uses BS).

Q: Can weapons be swapped during a combat?
A: No, with the exceptions of pistols and lances which may be exchanged for a different weapon after their first turn special attack.

Q: Is it possible to split a Henchman group?
A: No. It can increase by hiring veteran warriors, or decrease through losses, but it may not be split.

Q: Can spells cause critical hits?
A: Directly, no. Indirectly, yes. The reference on page 56 to spells not causing critical hits specifically refers to spells that cause direct damage such as Word of Pain. These spells never cause critical hits. However, if a warrior is benefiting from a spell that enhances his ability to fight, such as The Hammer of Sigmar, he will be able to cause critical hits with these attacks.

Q: Does a promoted Henchman gain his warband’s specialist skill list AND two other lists, or does the specialist skill list take up a slot?
A: The Lad’s Got Talent result says “You may choose two skill lists available to Heroes in your warband”, and as your warband’s specialist skills ARE available to your Heroes that list does indeed take up one of those two if it is one of those chosen.

Q: How do the rules for Hiding and Out of Sight interact?
A: They don’t. Treat each of them as a separate issue even when they both apply.

Q: If a model is already engaged in hand-to-hand combat with an enemy and a second enemy charges in on a subsequent turn does this count as the ‘first turn of combat’ again for rules such as ‘strike first’?
A: No. ‘Strike first’ (and other similar rules that use this term) assume that the special feature of the first turn of a combat is that a warrior has had a degree of freedom to get himself ready for the fight and, once it’s started, he’s too busy fighting for his life to gain the benefit. That being the case, although it may be the first turn of combat against a particular foe, it doesn’t count for purposes of rules such as ‘strike first’.

Q: In the pistol rules it says they give me +1A. Does that mean that a model with an additional hand weapon and a pistol gets +2A?
A: No. Even if you’re carrying two hand weapons and a pistol you’ve still (barring mutations, etc) only got the ability to wield two of them at a time. So, you can either get the +1A from the additional hand weapon, or the +1A from the pistol, but not both.


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